The cost of an RFID chip remains at this higher stage


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Thus, in Korea, which has adopted 100 million program over4 years Ubiquitous Sensor-Plan to become one of the leading RFID by 2010, a department store chain offers the consumer to follow radio tamil fm on its website the beef route he is taking taste RFID's adoption of reasons are economic. They would reduce inventory costs and those of the labor used for the supply and losses due to shoplifting and forgery. The economy on the supply chain mass distribution would be of the order of6 to 7% AT study cited by the report DREE, cf. bibliography.

The cost mukil fm of using the EPC standard should be increased by a compensation Internet patents of the US company on RFID technologies, rising due the payment of royalties would of the order of5 to 10% of the price of the electronic chip, According EPC Global. All other manufacturers have patents donation to the EPC standard be free of intellectual property remuneration. The cost of an RFID chip remains at this higher stage than the online fm tamil bar code, but is not directly comparable if we take into account additional options collection, storage and use of additional data. Significant cost reductions are expected from a mass production, and the other innovation's technology such as printing. The first players demand will certainly influence the process World normative. 

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